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Question: Can my ring open all beer bottles?

Answer: Any of the ones that have a bottle cap. Some brewers are getting all fancy and using corks. Mettle Rings will not work on them, but your hands will.

Question: Can I open up soda bottles too?

Answer: As long as they have a bottle cap on them. It also works on pop too if you’re from the Midwest.

Question: Can my ring open a bottle of wine?

Answer: No. Wine not you ask? We really really like beer.

Question: How do I know my ring size?

Answer: We highly recommend purchasing one of our Ring Sizing Tools for only $7. Plus when you purchase it, you get a 20% OFF Coupon on your next order, So it is basically free and we are giving you money. Order one now - Mettle Rings Sizing Tool.

Or, you can use a third party website such as: or Do not use string when measuring your ring size. It tends to stretch and gives an inaccurate size.

All of our ring sizes are US / Canadian sizes.

Question: Do you offer International Shipping?

Answer: We sure do! We currently ship to over 210 countries around the world! And it’s free as long as your purchase is more than $2!  

Please note that international orders take significantly longer for delivery and may be subject to import/value-added taxes that are beyond our control.

Question: How long will it take my order to arrive?

Answer: If your order is shipping to a location within the US it should take no more than 3-5 business days.

We ship everything from our Colorado Headquarters within 1-2 business days.

If your order is international, many international orders are subject to tariffs/duties to be paid by the customer. Please allow an extra few days for customs paperwork to be completed and time for your package to process through the international shipping facility. This process may take up to 14-20 business days during certain times of the year.

Question: How do I contact someone?

Answer: The quickest way is to fill out our Contact Form here. We typically respond back within one business day. Or if you are boycotting Contact Forms, send us a quick email to

Question: Will I receive a Tracking Number?

Answer: Yes. We typically provide tracking numbers within 48 hours of when the order is placed.

Question: I can not find an item that I saw Mettle Rings was selling before?

Answer:  We are constantly updating our website and inventory. If you cannot find a product that you are sure you saw or have previously purchased, there is a good chance we are still selling it and we encourage you to use the search bar to search for the name or keywords associated with the product.

Question: Can I return/exchange my product?

Answer: Yes! We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We tried to make it a 110% Satisfaction Guarantee, but our lawyers and Einstein said that wasn’t possible in the reality we live in.

All of our Tungsten Carbide rings come with a 180 Day Bottle Opening Guarantee. If you cannot open a bottle within 180 days or your ring in unable to perform in any way, send it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

You can return or exchange your product at any time within the first 180 days of receiving your ring if you are unsatisfied with it. Click here for all the details of our Return and Exchange Policy.

If you are looking to exchange your ring, keep in mind that we do sell out of styles quickly. So if you are looking to exchange an item and don't want to miss out, we recommend returning your items for a refund and then purchasing what you are looking for right away. We will process your refund within 3-5 days from the arrival of your return at our warehouse.

Question: What payment methods are accepted?

Answer: We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and PayPal.

Question: I entered my address incorrectly when placing my order. Can you resend my package with my correct address?

Answer: We are not your Mom and are not responsible for any misplaced packages due to typos when entering your information. Please double check the information you’ve provided before proceeding with your order.

Question: Where do I enter my discount code?

Answer: Once you click on “Cart” and check out, you’ll notice a text box titled “Gift Card or Discount Code” to the right of where you enter your shipping information. This is where you will enter your discount code.

Question: An item was put on sale after I purchased it. Can I receive a price adjustment?

Answer: Our sale prices are exclusive to the time window that they are offered. All sale prices are final and adjustments cannot be made.

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